So have you seen the news lately? Anthony Weiner got caught with his pants down again (pun intended). Now I couldn’t care less about his political ambitions, but this whole incredible mess has made me think about what it takes to really grow as a person.

The universe has certain laws that govern it, and one of those laws is that no action goes without a consequence. In Weiner’s case, you cannot tweet pictures of your junk and not expect them to surface. You cannot continue to send women pictures of your… weiner… and not expect it to come up when you start running for office telling everyone how much you’ve changed. A key component of growth is that a person should actually do something differently after making a mistake.

Too many people think that they can say they’ve changed and people will accept it at face value. How many times do we see a celebrity tell us all how wonderful their life is now that they are sober, only to turn around and go on a bender and end up in jail or dead? It’s as if people think we’re that guy or gal, desperate for love, that will constantly make excuses or reasons to deny their boy/girlfriend’s bad behavior. There’s always the promise of change, but no evidence thereof.

Admittedly, change is hard, and to make matters worse many of us seem to be hardwired to resist it. Even those who appear to embrace change have their limit, something that is just “too difficult” to change. Now before writing me off as a hypocrite for writing this, remember that I am fully aware of my own resistance to change. We all fear hard changes.

The problem is, we need these changes to progress as human beings. We need to feel the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress that goes along with it. No change is free, some changes have difficult consequences in the short term, but very positive consequences in the long term, some have a positive consequence to seemingly everybody but oneself. By overcoming these challenges we learn to be better, stronger.

Is it difficult to truly change? Certainly, but if we can learn anything from Anthony Weiner it is that the promise of change, and claims of change are never an adequate substitute for the real thing, and eventually the truth will come out.


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